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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
Oh, I agree. Ferrer was playing great tennis at the 2011 Australian Open. Nadal was not in for an easy night even if he had been in full form. IMO, Ferrer's performance at the 2011 AO might be his best GS performance ever. Check out the first 2 sets of his match against Murray in the SF...just inspired tennis from Ferrer. With that said, I must insist that Nadal was not at his best in that match.. I watched that entire match and even as someone who was very anti-Nadal at that time (I didn't want Nadal to get 4 in a row), I could tell that Nadal was struggling. As a matter of fact, if you think that Nadal was playing even remotely close to his top level, then you probably also believe in supernatural creatures.

Clumsy movement to the forehand side, desperate down-the-middle net approaches, landing awkwardly after making returns, low percentage winner attempts with his backhand, giving up on chase-able shots.....Yeah, Nadal was a mess in that match.
No, I don't think that.

I think, that it was a combination of Nadal, playing himself into form for the final rounds of the tournament, Ferrer's absolutely insane level in this match and maybe some minor ailments, that are typical for pro players, that were troubling Nadal. However, that is far from what Team Nadal tried to feed us with.
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