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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
It's not a be surprise that NadalAgassi always put down Federer, as usual.

Many fans believe Fed/Nadal is one of the greatest rivalry.

Top rivalries
1. Fed/Nadal
2. Chris/Martina
3. Pete/Agassi
4. Mac/Connors
5. Borg/Mac
I actually think NA has a point here and that Federer/Nadal is not the best rivalry because: a)while their styles are different enough they are not as different as the styles between rivals such as Evert/Navratilova and McEnroe/Borg, and b)when Federer and Nadal play in a slam at least since Wimbledon 2008, you pretty much know who is going to win, let's be honest. Nadal is lodged deeply in Federer's head whether we like to admit it or not.

I would say that in terms of real honest to goodness rivalries, Evert/Navratilova has to be number one and I would put Borg/McEnroe at number two. Agassi/Sampras and Federer/Nadal would be tied at number three imo.
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