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Nadal v Federer matches are WAAAYYYY more exciting than Nadal v Djokovic matches.
Oh please. I agree with alot of your posts but definitely not this. This is Nadal vs Federer summed up:

Clay- Federer foolishly tries to outrally Nadal from the baseline, and even beat Nadal's forehand with this backhand in exchanges. Federer makes 70+ unforced errors guaranteed (really forced by Nadal, as Federer is completely incapable of beating Nadal the way he attempts to on clay) and Nadal barring major fatigue or injury is the certain winner.

Grass- ok their matches here were mostly good but there hasnt been one in 5 years now, and there is barely a grass tournament these days. This is the surface that produces their best matches though.

Indoors- Federer wins pretty easily everytime. Nadal just isnt that good an indoor player for whatever reason.

Outdoor hard courts- Dont remember many great matches. Miami 2005 was ok, but was mostly about Nadal choking the match away. Dubai 2006 was probably their best quality match. Australian Open 2009 was decent. The rest arent even worth a mention.

Djokovic vs Nadal is way more exciting and competitive across all surface3s, even with the too similar playing styles, which holds it back from the truly greatest rivalries that I mentioned earlier, but still easily a better one than Federer vs Nadal.
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