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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
They have not played since Tokyo 2011 which Murray won in 3 sets (Nadal for some insane reason just completely went away after the first set). Regardless though, Nadal is back in full force after this great victory against Ferrer on clay. But now the action turns to hardcourts and this is the first time that Nadal could meet the new Grand Slam Champion version of Murray.

Since Nadal has been gone, Murray's won a gold medal, conquered Federer for the first time at a Slam, won his first Grand Slam title and made 2 other Grand Slam finals. Murray's also been spending more time in the weight room building his body and is noticeably more muscular than before.

The question many people have is whether order will resume and Nadal continues his domination of Murray or will the tide now turn and will Murray now become Nadal's next new nemesis alongside Djokovic?

Looking forward to another potentially good rivalry...
Key words: Ferrer and Clay
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