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As a parent of a 9.5 yr boy old who recently developed serious interest in the sport, this thread has been a gem. Spent last 2 days soaking up every post on this thread. Since TW has lot of parents with kids aspiring to do something big in tennis, I thought I will get together a few questions that are mostly asked my parents and get varying response on this forum. Getting response from a real pro who went through the process would be awesome.

1. I see that you used Lux Original for a long time. Didnt find a mention of when you moved to full poly and what were you using before that? What made you move to a poly?

2. U mentioned you topped U12 and U14. How many tournaments did you play and at what age did you start playing tournaments. Also were you focused on rankings at U12/U14 level or were tournaments to get real world experience with primary focus being training?

3. At what age did you start physical training especially focused training in the gym and/or using weights?

4. Since you were primarily coached by your father in early days, till what age was he the primary coach and when did you move out?

5. In the early years say till 12 yrs, what was the main focus - consistency, placement, power or technique? I see some people mention consistency first and some say power first while others are totally sold on picture perfect technique.

More to follow later
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