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I bought the Speed Pro after half an hour hitting against a rebound net along with a couple of other sticks (Blade 98 18x20 and Vcore xi9.

It was a close one between the Vcore and Speed Pro and would have demoed for longer but the shop didn't have stock.

I took a chance and ordered the Speed Pro and and so glad that I did - I'm coming from a Prestige MP and now can find the middle of the racquet more often especially at the net. Plenty of pop on the flat serve and am still dialling in the spin serves. Same with ground strokes - needing a bit of adjustment but my OHBH has seen an improvement in pace depth and control.

I tried the Prestige Pro hoping to find the forgiveness and power that was lacking in the MP but found it sluggish and hard to control. I even tried the new Aeropro and loved the power but hate the feel. Someone else on this board said that the Speed Pro is somewhere in between the Prestige and Aero and I agree.

Now to sell off my prestiges and stock up on some speed.
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