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Originally Posted by Tropikal_Knights View Post
I get the glue factory and that I'm getting old. But I'm only 33. Is this normal at my age. I wonder if somethings amiss is what I'm getting at
Honestly--you're just getting older. I'm 29 and I can definitely relate.

Assuming that you weren't horribly dehydrated or malnourished, the cramps probably came on from muscle fatigue and overexertion. The best thing you can do is to spend more time at the gym to get fitter. After your mid twenties, you naturally lose muscle mass at an alarming rate and have to train and fight a lot harder to keep what you have. Training should include both strength and endurance training. This way, the muscles will be more resilient and less prone to cramping. Be fitter than the pusher you played against. It sounds like you had a decent chance against him. Even Federer has to spend more time in the gym now to keep up with his younger opponents than he ever did in his prime.

As far as recovery goes after cramping, its really just rest.
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