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Originally Posted by Nellie View Post
For clay, you slide into the stroke and then recover after the slide. Try intentionally sliding into a few strokes (i.e., while your racquet is back and waiting to swing) to get the feeling of the motion.
Makes sense. Usually I am hitting and then sliding.

Originally Posted by Costagirl View Post
Running or getting to a ball is not a sudden jerk reaction but a smooth glide into the shot.
Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
That's the biggest difference between hard court vs clay. You cannot make a hard stop/start on clay and that is why you learn to slide into shots. Shoes will not make a difference there.

Clay shoes don't give you a deeper tread to grip the loose surface like a mud tire, clay shoes have a smaller tread so the clay doesn't get clogged in the tread (making your sole a smooth surface).
I am definitely used to more sudden changes in direction. It was out of
the split step that I was slipping and falling. There was a light rain so
I think the clay made my shoes really slippery.

Originally Posted by TomT View Post
It doesn't look feeble to me. You hit pretty darned well I think. Smooth and relaxed. What exactly is the problem? Is it that you're constantly conscious of possibly slipping (so that you feel like you're sort of moving/hitting more tentatively than you would on a hard court)? If so, I think the more you play on clay, the less that will be a problem. You'll adjust, get looser, and increasingly be able to move and hit out with more confidence.

That's a Wilson Kramer wood racquet you're using? Cool. I have a Wilson Jimmy Connors Capri and a Wilson Tony Trabert Stylist that I hit with now and then.

I gave your video a thumbs up and subscribed to your channel.
Thx! In the video I am using a Wilson Jack Kramer Prostaff.

I think the hardest part is feeling like I can't plant my foot and push
hard. As others have pointed out, I probably need to keep my
feet moving and not make sudden movements.
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