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Originally Posted by Nickzor View Post
I'd still take Federers 2006 season over djokovics, okay Djokovic was unbeaten for like 5 straight months, they both won 3 slams, djoko won 4 masters titles, Fed won 3 BUT he won the masters cup which in my opinion is much more impressive then one extra masters 1000 title because you can't hope to get an easy opponent cause you have to vs one of the top 8, not to mention Federer was the finalist at the Roland Garros, whereas Djoko was a semi finalist, so in turn Fed made all finals of each slam in 06' and Djoko did not in 2011' also Federer had one less loss then Djokovic but 22 more wins in his 06 season compared to Djokos 2011 season, I think these stats speak for themselves, in my opinion 22 more wins, one less loss, all slam finals and the tennis masters cup is enough to edge out Djokovics 2011 season, although it was one of the top 10 best ever.
This beats any argument one can make as this is UNHEARD of at that level of tennis.
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