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This might be the issue on which what feels intuitively proper varies the most from "The Code." My thinking is "what will keep play moving the quickest?" Letting the ball hit my back fence or hitting it into the net (in singles) so that I will likely have to further delay the second serve by taking 10 seconds to retrieve it (coupled with the realities of playing on public courts and/or ones without fences between them, so loose balls all over the court can be a hassle....interrupt play on adjacent courts, you risk having your ball stolen/mistaken, etc.) makes "The Code" feel relatively impractical here. When I am playing doubles, I almost always dump a return of an out serve into the net for my partner to pick up. But in singles, bunting it back to the server is generally what I prefer done to me and what I generally do as well. I have never been called out on it in my two years of playing flex and city league singles. I dunno. Maybe my opponent silently hates me for it.

In fact, I don't think I've ever been called out on anything (or heard someone else get called out for anything) like this. Had a guy politely tell me to watch my feet while serving once. That's about it.

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