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Originally Posted by sam_p View Post
This scenario is exceedingly common in doubles and even more so at higher level doubles. The returner is usually focused on returning the serves while the partner is more responsible for calling the service line. This leads to many returns of long serves over the course of a long match - it is simply unavoidable. Yet somehow no one seems to take this particularly to heart. If on a particular instance it leads to an unusual delay, you give them 2 and start over. Not a big deal and if someone just keeps wailing away on obviously out serves they'll just seem like a total tool - to all three other players on the court.
I agree. It is very common. I have only found people taking it personal in mixed when an unintentional return goes down the line at the female player.

Otherwise unless you hit it into another court, for the most part I don't feel like hitting it over has been a huge problem. As the code states I guess it depends on what is considered a obviously not in play.
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