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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
I don't think it was ball heaviness at all. Ferrer is just afraid of Nadal. If it is so heavy then why doesn't Novak have any problem with it ?
That's it. Ferrer was beat before he even stepped on the court. For some reason, I thought he might offer more resistance, might have a shred of belief since Nadal is returning from injury, had lost to Zeballos and has been pushed in a few other matches. But no, true to form, Ferrer crumbles under pressure against a Big 4.

Ferrer was so afraid of Nadal, he was out of sorts in the prior match, IMO. Fognini pushed him the distance, and Ferrer even got so frustrated over a call that he grabbed the officials sleeve and tried to pull him back to look at the ball mark. Very unFerrer-like.

It is surprising that, of the two, Almagro is the one who stepped up and actually challenged Nadal.
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