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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Nadal/Djoko is great. They're only 26 and they've already played as many times over 7 seasons as Sampras/Agassi (33 vs 34) in the span of 14 years. Also one never felt Andre had a chance vs Sampras at W and USO and same for Sampras vs Agassi at RG whereas Nadal/Djoko are tie at W and USO and even though they're not at AO or RG, there is more of a sense that anything could happen.
oh really ? agassi never had a chance vs sampras @ the USO ?

90 - favorite coming into the final .. had been to the RG final that year ...sampras was a relative nobody until that USO

95 - agassi won what , 26 matches in a row that summer coming into the final ....... had beaten sampras in one of the tourneys before the USO, had beaten him @ the AO

2001 - sampras had no titles for more than an year at that stage and had slumped in the rankings. agassi OTOH was #2

2002- sampras' situation coming into the USO was even worse than before; he had lost to LL bastl @ wimbledon ....was titleless for 2+ years ...
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