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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Yes 1974 is so far away from 1969. More usual TMF clown logic. Also the field Laver faced in 1969 was by FAR harder than the field Connors faced in 1974, any field Federer faced, and overall tougher than the field McEnroe faced in 1984 too. It was one of the greatest fields in history full of all time greats and Hall of Famers. Not that you would know anything about that as you only began following tennis when Federer began dominating.
Laver 69 was nearing the end of his career, while mac/connors played up til 1990. You act as 1969 and 1974 was when they all at the same age(DRY).

The rest of your post...keep saying that if it helps you sleep well at night Davey25.
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