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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
Did the Doctor advise going with the combo stem cells/PRP treatment rather than PRP alone? (I've heard some people get improvement with PRP alone)

Do you need to go back after 2 months for another injection?

Is it a relatively low risk procedure compared to surgery?
He actually advocated a PRP but I wanted to go stem with PRP based upon research I have been doing into the success of this procedure regarding osteoarthritis - some cartilage regeneration and many successes with people who have very bad knees and were looking at TKR's.

Some people do go back for another PRP 4-8 weeks after the initial, I am opting for just treatment at this time as my knee was not that bad.

In the scheme of knee treatments from what I have read it is very low risk, you are using your own stem cells/blood so chance of rejection is nil or minimal, and this is not surgery, it is a mini liposuction of belly fat and a few shots. For the potential "reward" the risk seems very low IMO.

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