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Originally Posted by bdstpierre View Post
From the other thread, I think my clamp bases are the same as yours, just mine are color matched to the rest of the stringer. My drop weight tower looks significantly different from yours though.

I just use a knot to start my crosses. I have done it for years. Ironically, what happens for me is the grommet gets flanged like that special tool would do for you. I find the grommet typically wears out in other areas first (mainly due to inadvertent contact with the tennis court) before the wear at the knot becomes an issue.
Thanks for the info! It's nice to hear that you've strung a lot with this machine and have had a positive experience in general.

I watched your stringing video on youtube and don't see much difference between our machines outside of the color on the fixed clamps, can you point out where you see a difference on the tower (I can upload more pictures if you want, these were just what were sent to me before I bought it)?

Plus, the drum near where the tension rod is located looks to be ever so slightly leaning/pulled away from where it's attached to the vertical black arm (tower?). Will tightening the nut on the other side of the vertical black arm (tower?) straighten the drum out, or what will it do? I think it's this was because the machine went unused for a few years and i think he left the tension rod/weight in the drum. btw, I don't know all the parts since it didn't come with a manual, do you still have yours?
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