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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
The concept is the same, but I wouldn't recommend it IF the linear grippers suck in past the frame that houses the grippers. You shouldn't really have to use a backup clamp with linear grippers anyways. If you are slipping on the string, check if an adjustment screw exists, and if so, make sure it is adjusted properly. Also check the alignment of the gripping plates, you should have very parallel jaws.
It only seems to slip when 2 strings are in the linear grippers, but the situation where 2 strings are in there only happens (no more than) 2 times in the stringing process. If I hold the strings in there pretty good they seem to be fine, it will prob just take some trial and error and scrap string to get the feeling down. I will look to see if it needs adjusting, but I think if anything, it just needs cleaning. Thanks!
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