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Tennis experience/background: I played high school varsity for a couple years and played casually in college. I don't get to play as much now as I used to (probably once every 2 weeks). I would say I'm a 4.0 - 4.5

Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): I'm an aggressive baseliner, always looking to hit the forehand. I like coming to net so I can dump volleys into the net.

Current shoe: Asics GR4, Adidas Barricade 7's

How many hours did you play with the shoe? About 4
Comments on shoe performance:
-comfort: Probably the most comfortable out of the box shoes I've worn, just as comfortable out of the box as GR4's, which is a big reason why I switched to Asics over Adidas in the first place.
-arch support: Very good, no complaints here
-stability/support: I liked it a lot, the shoes feel very snug. I felt no problems moving from side to side and the shoes offer a nice low to the ground feel. I didnt' feel like the straps helped with anything though.
-ventilation: Good
-sole durability: Cannot comment yet but seems good to me.
-toe durability: I am a heavy toe dragger so the toes usually wear out first on me. Won't know until I put many more hours in.
-traction: Great! The shoes grip the court very well. I generally try to play very aggressively and move as little as possible so I'm not really sliding around or anything.
-weight: The shoes feel pretty light to me but weight has never been an issue with shoes for me. Asides from Asics shoes I've been playing in Barricades my whole life so I don't mind having weighty shoes.
General reaction/comments on overall performance: Great comfort out of the box so I'm satisfied. Most of my issues with shoes in the past has been break-in time so I like how I can start playing in the shoes immediately instead of having to wear them around the house or anywhere else. I am probably not going to wear Barricades anymore and would either wear Asics and wouldn't mind switching to this shoe either.
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