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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
I don't know how badly jordan wanted and needed to do really well in baseball. I doubt his passion for baseball was a tenth of that for basketball as he was just starting NBA. I believe if he had the same amount of passion and desire in baseball at his age and had coaches who could translate his talent to baseball, he could have become at least competitive in major league.
Interesting you say you don't know how badly he wanted baseball yet you doubt his passion is 1/10 of that when he started the NBA? He stated in a book started training in secret for baseball with Chicago white sox trainers while he was still playing in the NBA. Before spring training he was hitting over a thousand balls a day and studying video and working with coaches. He also played in high school so it wasn't like he was a complete novice to the game. I am not sure how much more he could have done. The big knock on Jordan was the he could never learn to hit a major league curveball. HoF pitcher Bob Feller's comment on Jordan was "He couldn't hit a curveball with an ironing board"

There are talents in baseball that are not innately related to pure athletic ability. Hitting major league pitches is one of them. I don't think Jordan had what it takes any more than I think that he could of played on the PGA tour just because he was an NBA star.
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