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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
I did my first string job ever on the Klipper.

Yamaha Secret 04 with Kirschbaum Black Spiky Shark 17 at 35 lbs.

HATED it!! Getting the right length to tension is a pain. Tying knots, a pain. Next time it will be tons easier, but I don't like stringing.

Thank goodness for Advil. I had a whale of a headache after. The racquet seems OK though, will hit with it today.
Hang in will get easier. I've been using a Klippermate for 9 years, and can tell you that after you do a few sticks you will be able to hit horizontal on the first try for most of the job. Just takes those first two or three mains to get the string length estimates right for the string type you are using. Keep your jaws cleaned every three or so stringings and you will be all set.
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