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Originally Posted by millicurie999 View Post
I had minors tear repairs for supraspinatus and labrum; also bursectomy on Feb 1, 2013. Started PT last week. Will keep you posted. Good luck with your recovery.
I had essentially the exact procedure as you. Supraspinatus, posterior labrum, bursectomy (not sure if it was complete or partial, but don't really care at this point).

I was 22 at the time and I'm 27 and have made a full recovery since.

A brief overview of my recovery rehab
- Expect to have full use of your arm by 2nd-3rd month
- Expect to be able to start hitting groundstrokes by 4th-5th month. I could bang groundstrokes until the end of time by then.
- However, do NOT expect it to be tennis ready. Once you start incorporating serves, don't expect it to be your normal self for at least a year, and you'll hit many road blocks and setbacks that'll send you back to the stone ages.
- It really wasn't until 2years that I was able to serve and play with no limits. (as in 7 days a week, 2-3hours+, and not be sore and stiff afterwards).

Let me know if you have questions and good luck on your recovery!

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