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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
The last 3 American's in the top 10 were Roddick, Isner, and Fish. Fish and Roddick play very differently - Fish has a great volley and top notch 2 handed backhand while Roddick depended on serve and forehand. Isner plays similarly to young Roddick when Roddick crushed the FH but this is the only way Isner can play due to his size 6'10" and limited movement.

The other 2 young Americans Ryan Harrison and Jack Sock both have 2 HBH's but Harrison is a very different player in that he has a tremendous kick serve and likes to attack. Jack Sock's FH is big but somewhat "loopy" while Harrison's FH is very aggressive and not so "loopy". Also, Harrison is an excellent athlete and mover.

Why are you so determined to bash American tennis? Are you from Latvia? Related to Gulbis? Yes, there isn't a young American at the moment that looks like the next number 1 but America is a big country and things can change fast.
What you seem to be overlooking is that if his forehand was so bad he would not have won Delray.
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