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Originally Posted by julianashaway View Post
I would like to weigh in on Torres' observations and the resulting discussions. First, I need a better understanding. The points I have taken from the posts on this thread are:
1. Monogut ZX is mainting tension.
2. The power and comfort are both lasting.
3. Control is not problematic.
4. The strings are not moving.
5. There is a decrease in playability after playing for hours that can best be described as a loss of spin.

Torres: Is my summary accurate? Are there any other definable characteristics to this decrease in playability other than the loss of spin?
Yes, that's a pretty acccurate summary.

I have to say that I absolutely love the feel of this string during the first few hours. It has an incredible combination of crispness and plushness - unlike any other single string that I've played with (and I've played with a lot!). Red ZX has most of the control of a full poly bed, the power of a multi, and almost the feel of natural gut all rolled into one, but with none of the changing tension loss issues of some of those strings. It's an absolutely sublime combination of characteristics. The closest thing I can compare it during the first few hours play is a Wilson Natural Gut 1.30 (M) / Alu Rough 1.25 (C) hybrid. Obviously its not quite at that level but its in that ballpark - it really is THAT good in terms of its combination of feel and the confidence that it gives.

That alone puts me in two minds as to whether I should keep a spare racquet strung up for drills or recreational play despite ultimate performance not lasting as long as I would like.

1. Tension maintenance is exceptional during the time that I played with the string. Unlike a poly or a nylon, I could detect no discernable loss of tension that affected playability.

2. Power is excellent. Just about the right amount. Not overpowered or underpowered - very controllable 'volume knob' power characteristics. Comfort is exceptional. I feel absolutely no wear or fatigue on the arm, shoulder or body at all (though I come from predominately a poly background). It's put the fun back into my tennis again since I don't feel as much fatigue on the body the next day.

3. Control is not problematic. Control is actually very good. You can confidently take huge rips at the ball and yet also play the most delicate of touch shots. Aided considerably but the amount of feel that the string provides. Absolutely lovely balance of crispness and plushness.

4. The strings don't move. Not in the racquets that I strung it in anyway.

5. There is a decrease in playability after playing for several hours that can best be described as a reduction in the amount of spin that the string can impart on the ball.
- This is the sticking point for me, and the thing that stops me from throwing away all my other strings and buying reels and reels of this stuff. In outright performance terms, it doesn't quite provide the ultimate in outright spin performance that a freshly strung poly would provide, but its performance is high enough and its superb blend of other characteristics are enough for me to live with that.
- The problem that I've found that after about 5 or so hours of hitting, is that I notice the characteristics of the string have changed in that its harder to impart the same amount of spin and 'heaviness' on the ball as during the first few hours. At 6-8 hours in (and I've hit with the strings for a couple more hours since my last post) the strings feel slightly more tinny (though never uncomfortable) and that ultimate degree of spin orientated performance isn't there anymore. Obviously there is still some spin, but its a bit like a poly that's been bashed around too much and lost its best (initial) characteristics though with ZX that loss is not as marked or as extreme as that of a poly going dead. However, its noticeable to me.
- I'm not really noticing any significant loss of other characteristics though if I was splitting hairs I might say that there's a very marginal loss of power and strings feel marginally more tinny. To me it feels like how the characteristics of poly might change when they've bashed with a ball hundreds and hundreds of times, though the change is more gradual and not quite as extreme.
- Its still perfectly playable after 5 hours, but I would be using it primarly for drills or social play after than time rather than tournament play.

Appreciate you taking the time to join this thread though Julian and also to 'corners' for keeping this thread alive (I would never have tried ZX otherwise). Absolutely lovely string Ashaway have got in (red) ZX 1.27 - unlike any other - I just wish that its ultimate (primarily spin based) performance lasted a bit longer.

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