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Well, I've broken down numerous times during my beer-free Lent season ()...but I've tasted some great beer!

Stone Oak Smoked Old Guardian is an interesting beer. I really like the Oaked Arrogant B, so I had to try this one. Last month I had a bad experience with the Barrel-aged SN Bigfoot-too much of a whiskey taste and loss of hoppiness. The Stone oak smoked barleywine was better but certainly not a beer to drink in large volumes. There's almost a bacon-like background but it's a very smooth beer.

Napa Smith Hopageddon. Had to try it at 144 IBU (highest I've sampled). Not nearly as bitter as I expected. It sort of had that old/musty IPA thing going on, when the beer seems malt-forward/dried fruit and sweet vs hop-forward and bitter/citrus. I prefer the latter, so it was only okay for me.

Also had a 22 of Boulder Mojo at my local watering hole on Saturday. A nice IPA I haven't had for a long while and haven't had on tap in years. Good stuff.

I'm patiently awaiting the return of Lagunitas Imperial Red later this month.
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