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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Interesting you say you don't know how badly he wanted baseball yet you doubt his passion is 1/10 of that when he started the NBA? He stated in a book started training in secret for baseball with Chicago white sox trainers while he was still playing in the NBA. Before spring training he was hitting over a thousand balls a day and studying video and working with coaches. He also played in high school so it wasn't like he was a complete novice to the game. I am not sure how much more he could have done. The big knock on Jordan was the he could never learn to hit a major league curveball. HoF pitcher Bob Feller's comment on Jordan was "He couldn't hit a curveball with an ironing board"

There are talents in baseball that are not innately related to pure athletic ability. Hitting major league pitches is one of them. I don't think Jordan had what it takes any more than I think that he could of played on the PGA tour just because he was an NBA star.
I admit I didn't read his book and baseball is not a big interest of mine, so mostly speculation on my part. but I believe in some fundamental athletic abilities that can translate between sports. doesn't mean it happens automatically but could rather be a huge boost in trying to build an athletic skill.
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