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Originally Posted by Major View Post
Your second time stringing will be way easier, if I had to guess. I'm surprised you hated the knot tying. I'm seriously abysmal with knots, but I was thrilled with how easy the klippermate's suggested knots were, and I was using poly. What issues were you having with the knots? Directions? Stiff string? Too little string?
Hi Major!

The knots drove me nuts! The mains weren't too bad but with the poly they were really difficult to get tight. And the crosses? Forget it - I ended up inventing a couple of knots because I was so pie-eyed at the end (after midnight) that I couldn't see straight - and I was trying to read a blurry pdf of the Klipper manual. Youtube videos weren't a great help either.

So yes you hit all the bad points - knots, directions, stiff poly. I had enough string but it was close and it's a 16 x 18 pattern! Not sure if I would have had enough for a 18 x 20. Have to measure really carefully nex time.

Originally Posted by 10SDad View Post
I had never strung before I got my Klipper. First string job took me well over 2 hours. Just stay with it and you will steadily improve on time and technique. Once you have the technique down you will get the feel for how to make minute adjustments in both the arm and the string in the jaws simultaneously. That's when things will really start to speed up for you.
I'll definitely let you know. This time I've got the fiddly things to watch out for pretty down pat. And I won't be too nervous about tying knots!
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