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With all the talk about Jordan I'm surprised no one has mentioned Deion Sanders. This man successfully played professional NFL football (American) and MLB baseball simultaneously. He even competed in the World Series and the Super Bowl (yes I know they're team sports, but that's not the point).

Even if you looked back on his high school days he played basketball, football and baseball and was still able to reach State/college level in all three. He then went on to play college level baseball and football. How he found the time to train for each sport I'll never know, but imagine if he just focused on one sport.

For Stergios, it seems like you have great tools at your disposal. With quality partners at your disposal, you should be able to get used to high level play and figure what you need to compete at that level physically regarding strokes and fitness. At that point, the only thing that should hold you back is the mind. It's similar to why a successful junior career doesn't translate to the pros. It's not just the strokes, its that they just need to figure out how to put it all together i.e. Federer compared to Hewitt. Unlike the body, the mind doesn't have a limit nor can it be measured. Some people are mentally tough, some are strategic geniuses, and some people just get it. Ultimately, I think that will be your biggest challenge. You just got to know how to win.

Who knows? Maybe you're one of those types of people. Another Deion Sanders in the making.

Good luck!
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