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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
I've had lower back pain for about a year. MRI's show not unusual damage for a 50 year old in terms of disc and arthritis stuff. I've tried various strengthening and stretching exercises, but nothing helps. I continue to do all recreational activities and weight training I've always done, since they don't seem to aggravate the problem. (Sitting and lying down are the bigger problems.)

Anyone here have any experience with any treatments that actually greatly helped their long term-ish low back pain? (I never did have much success trying to treat my neck for similar issues. The pain just gradually turned into a chronic stiffness.)

I'm worried that the only thing that's going to help -- if anything does -- is time. Anyone beg to differ?
Shot in the dark but I can only report on data of one, my own.

I had some serious issues with everythig from lower back down. in 2006 I tried wearing MBT shoes. Many years latter, I'm much better. I now wear mainly MBT shoes at work for for 45-50 hours per week I'm walking and standing on MBTs.

You have to start slowly because it takes time to build up your strength. If interested, look for a discount one on amazon'' of f''l****. Normall price is 250 but they are well made and lasts many years.
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