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I reached the character limit in my review above so i have to start a new post to add comments.

I've noticed some pros and cons regarding the footstrap across the top of the shoe which i discovered when i had my Propulse 2s.

Cons: the velcro strap can and does snag the laces so it takes a few seconds longer to get the shoes tied initially.

Pros: I secure the shoelaces by tucking them under the strap and found that my shoelaces never come undone any more so no need to double tie my laces. By securing the laces in this fashion, they never get dragged across the court. the KSwiss Defier DS and NB MC 851 have longer laces and i found that even when i double tied my laces, they'd still drag on the court and get abraded and eventually break because i'd be stepping on and sliding on the long laces. No need to buy new laces due to breakage!
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