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Originally Posted by Stergios View Post
Hi Tom,

That was a very humbled and honest way to say it. Although I'll have to go for it. As I said earlier it's not a matter of a number.
I agree Stergios, and understand that really you're aiming to be the best player you can be a year from now. Me too.

The number (5.0 playing level) gives you something concrete to shoot for, but, given your circumstances, it isn't a realistic goal in my opinion. I think it's important to set goals that you have a realistic chance of achieving if you work hard and patiently. I think that a 3.5 to 4.0 level of play is achievable, for you, in a year. From there, given another year of hard and patient work, then 5.0 is, conceivabley, within your grasp.

In any case, I wish you good fortune in your tennis quest/experiment.

Originally Posted by Stergios View Post
But moreover to challenge, slightly, what's possible today. And push the limits for others who might feel the urge, some time in life, to pursue something similar with their favourite sport.
It will be interesting to see how you progress during the coming year. I hope you continue to inform via the Talk Tennis forums. I feel sure that I'll learn some things that will help me to improve.

Originally Posted by Stergios View Post
As for the video diary, it's a great idea and I keep thinking of it since I first read your post. Should I do a separate thread or post on this one? What would you guys advise me? What's more appropriate?


A new, separate thread would be my choice -- and, it's ok to duplicate posting of any videos you post in this thread in the new, separate thread tracking your progress.

I think this will not only help to motivate you, but it will motivate others as well, while also probably providing lots of helpful tips and suggestions for diet, rest, preparation, practice, and match play. Plus, many years from now, when you're in your Golden Years (65 and over) you will be very glad that you kept an organized video diary of this.

It's a great goal for a great game. One thing is sure. You WILL get lots better, and I have no doubt that in a year's time you will be able to kick my butt in a tennis match, and, if you pay the round trip airfare, then I'm willing to come over there and prove it to you. Or, you can come to Fort Lauderdale, USA. Either way works for me. (Though, I prefer visiting Greece. I hear the scenery, and the architecture, and the weather, and, oh yeah, the women over there are very beautiful. Plus, I like the food. A lot. )
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