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Originally Posted by tbln View Post
heycal - to be honest, if you have insurance or can afford it I'd highly recommend seeing a good physiotherapist for a few sessions who can help assess and create an specific exercise program for your back.

Your symptoms (stiffness)and MRI report is suggestive of fairly "normal" wear and tear in the spine rather than a weakness of the musculature where core exercises might benefit. The herniation will most likely heal on its own if you don't aggravate it further..
I actually just started. This gal says my mri doesn't even correspond to where my symptoms are, so thus may be irrelevant to the problem.

To be specific, I feel occasional pain several inches to right on the spine in the upper lumbar/lower thoraic region, which the PT says is a muscle spasm in her opinion. But most of the pain i feel and near constantly is directly on my spine in the middle/upper lumbar area, a chronic soreness/stiffness that generally feels better with movement.

PT suggested this could be referred pain from the muscle spasm area, though I personally wonder if it's two different issues.

Originally Posted by dennis10is View Post
Shot in the dark but I can only report on data of one, my own.

I had some serious issues with everythig from lower back down. in 2006 I tried wearing MBT shoes. Many years latter, I'm much better. I now wear mainly MBT shoes at work for for 45-50 hours per week I'm walking and standing on MBTs.
Never heard of them. Will google. Thanks.
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