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Originally Posted by dennis10is View Post
The OP said that if you give advice you must provide a video of you demonstrating the application of that advice.

I've not offered any advice hence I'm excused.

Originally Posted by dennis10is View Post
Sotto vocce "if they see my magnificents, it will make them feel bad, so I make sure not to give any tennis tips that are stroke related".
Hmmm. I think this might be floating about, somewhere over my head (partly due to the Italian phrase ... that is Italian, isn't it?). Nevertheless, I also don't give tips (especially stroke related). But just post videos for amusement and/or criticism.

Originally Posted by dennis10is View Post
Looking forward to hitting with you. You don't mind if my assistants bring 8 full length mirrors to the court so that I may gaze at my wondrousness at every turn? I assume you have yours?
Mind? Of course not. Actually, if you bring yours, then I can give my mirror bearers the day off (without pay of course ... it's ok, they're just happy to have some sort of paying job and protection from deportation).

I see that Povl and thecode have gotten us back on topic ... and none too soon as I'm pretty sure we've milked the references to our wonderfulness quite enough (though it is a demonstrable fact).
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