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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
i disagree with this assembly line mentality to tennis strokes. nearly all top 20 pro level strokes have variation and flair*.

amarican tennis is so intertwined with this concept of standardisation and almost puritanical approach to perfection in technique that i wonder if the coaches are unintentionally eliminating important parts of a players technique in the name of efficiency or some puritanical concept of perfection.

An efficiency approach would have gotten rid of Nadal's buggywhip forehand, Gasquet's slingshot backhand and federer's squash shots before they had a chance to develop them into the weapons that have defined their careers.

What happened to american individualism? Why should every US player be a USTA clone?
many people involved in USTA think they are backed by science hence so much authority oftentimes. they don't see science only plays a small part in the whole aspect of the game and technique. my impression these days is Europeans have better attitude toward this end.
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