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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
Yes, I think there is a point in adding sidespin, or more precisely, combining underspin and sidespin. You get a lot of bite on the ball, but if it was all underspin it could easily float.
Originally Posted by thecode View Post
thanks, yes, and I meant to say slides OR skids
I agree the sidespin work helps to avoid floating it.
Yes, must agree with this. In my experience anyway, the most effective sliced shots have a certain amount of sidespin.

Interestingly, my sliced shots are the only shots of mine that my opponents have commented on (other than my serve) as giving them any sort of problem.

It's an important shot for anyone to have in their arsenal, I think, and for players of my age, who, like me, lack the mobility and stamina to stay in extended topspin rallies, it can be a very effective attacking weapon.
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