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Cool very true should've explained more - going oldschool helped me get there

Originally Posted by Stergios View Post
Hi Mikeespimusic,

Congrats on your success. You deserve it.

Although I can't understand how a big of a differnce can make putting lead tape to a beginner's racket. Don't take me wrong. But if someone can't get to the ball how it can help him .

Of course I get the point. And after reading your post I'll try to learn more of the benefits offered of a customised racket. I might even play around with my racket after practice.

Thanks for giving me a thump up. It means a lot to me!

I'll keep you posted both of my tennis progress and my racket experiments.


You're right in regards to the type of racquets you're using. I should've spoken about that more. If you're abled bodied and young enough to move around well, a tweener or an over size racquet isn't going to let you develop your strokes as much as a player's frame. Sure you might win with them, but in my opinion they develop bad habbits because of the player being too accustomed to forgiveness.

The 8month mark is where I got the most improvement switching to mid size frames and leadding up the racquets how I wanted them.

For the bulk of that time before that I went with a tweener frame stringing tight thinking I had to compete with the majority of players that work with heavy spin. I came to realise that this wasn't my "A" Game. I can't beat these guys at their own game they've perfected for years... Then I started reading more about how the older generations played, way more aggressive, almost a fortune favouring the brave sort of attitude.
But what got me going was learning that their tools were different.

I gave it a try and never looked back.

Their heavier and more stable racquets were better suited to hitting through opponents shots, charging aggressively and crushing winners - but they (the racquets) needed far greater footwork due to a small margin for error - because the shots are flatter. Which can be tricky when the modern game is a bit slower with longer rallies and the balls violently spin and dip on you.

But I worked at it and did it anyway.

I finally found my indentity. I like to work with feel and loose string tensions, the racquets I use help to hit accurate missles with penetration while charging the net. I cannot do that with a racquet that hasn't been customised to how I like it (this is called a depolarised racquet setup). As a bonus, if someone against me is using a standard racquet or likes hitting a lot of spin, the penetration from my "rally safe"shots is often enough either to make them cause errors, give me control of the point, or take them away from their A game and doubt themselves. It nots easy to rip a lot of spin past me because I can hit through it or flatten out a winner.

I do have drawbacks though, I've lost a bit off my serve speed (heavier ball instead of faster now) and I don't get as many aces. I have to serve a higher percentage placement where as a my tweener racquet allowed me to boom down first and second serves and follow up with heavy spin. But my new setup does get me more chances to hit winners and charge (because the weight/penetration behind the ball causes the opponent to mishit or give weak service returns)

I can't hit defensive spin shots amazingly because of where the weight is distributed. There's not much "loop" to my topspin compared to a heavy spinner sort of player (Polarised Racquet Setup - e.g Babolat AeroPro Drive) I have good passing shots generally, but they can be risky
because of how flat the ball comes off of my racquet. Especially if I don't have much time. But I cover this weakness alot because I like being at the net and the majority of the players are baseline spinners that cant come to the net and approach the way I can (so I have less pressure).

I'm not unbeatable of course, but the players who do beat me need a dam good S & V game. And there's not many that do it, or customise racquets in Australia... and they have no interest in I keep winning...

But thats my story, you may like the idea of rigging your racquet in a similar way. You may want to be the heavier pounding baseline spinner. You may want to develop a massive serve, You may have something completely different, or you may be a good mixture. Keep at it!
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