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Originally Posted by 10smonkey View Post
Had arthroscopic surgery for a full tear of my rotator cuff less than 2 weeks ago. Please let me know your experience of coming back. I am a 53 year old fading 5.0 player
I was exactly your age a little over 3 yrs ago when I had mine (4.5 player), full tear that required two screws, also had 2 bone spurs and a slap tear. Had to wear the sling for 4-5 weeks. I was a good healer at or a little ahead of schedule thru my recovery. They say 3 months minimal for the tear to heal in my case. I was diligent with my rehab, doing exactly what the PT's asked.
I started hitting groundstrokes ONLY after 3 1/2-4 months, doing nothing above shoulder - that was fine. I really did not try to serve or overhead for the first 6 months, then I took it very slowly. Started serving 70-80% at 8-9 months and was full bore at about 10 months.
Everyone heals differently and I had no issues like scar tissue that some have. I was perhaps more cautious then necessary on the serving but full rorator cuff recovery is a ***** and I did not want to take a a chance on anything. Good luck!
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