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My toss is more accurate and consistent for me when I straighten my elbow as I lift the ball (I start with my elbow bent). That lets me elevate the ball through more of a straight line instead of through an arc, which happens if my elbow is straight throughout the toss. If you don't do this right now, it might be a good experiment to help with a more predictable toss - gotta have it for our best serves.

Also try holing the ball different ways. I hold it resting on the base of my index and middle fingers so that I get less "flip" from my wrist as I lift the ball into the air. Some of our pals also do well with a "snow cone" grip on the ball - that's where the palm is vertical (like when holding a glass of water, etc.). Hold the ball mostly in the index finger and thumb, then think "cheers!" as you lift it for your toss.

One more idea - make sure your motion is good and loaded up so that you're ready to swing with absolutely no rush to the ball before you put your toss up in the air. This is important for enabling a full, smooth motion and tapping our best racquet speed over the top. If your motion fells at all rushed, just think about delaying your toss.
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