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Hi, Carlo,

I had a look in "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" and it has no information on the 1910 edition of the San Remo tournament in its 1911 edition (for the year 1910).

However, in the "Ayres' LTA" for 1921, in its list of previous winners of the men's singles title in San Remo, it has the following:

1908 Anthony F. Wilding
1909 Artimus Holmes
1910 Artimus Holmes
1911 Anthony F. Wilding
1912 Edward R. Allen
1913 Edward R. Allen
1914 F. Gordon Lowe


Originally Posted by Carlo Giovanni Colussi View Post
Perhaps it is mentioned elsewhere but Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack 1913 credited Wilding the 1910 Italian Riveria Champs at San Remo. This is why I put it in the Wikipedia article 5 years and a half ago but Wolbo found in Iddznew's site,, that, according to Lawn tennis and badminton, 7/4/1910, the 1910 event had a 6-man draw with Artimus Holmes as the winner and apparently Wilding didn't enter the tourney :
Round 1
2 players had byes.
Holmes, Artimus d. Wills, Ernest S. (6-1 6-2)
Routledge, H.B. d. Murray, C.W. (6-4 1-6 6-4)
Holmes, Artimus d. Turton, M. (6-1 6-3)
Routledge, H.B. d. Bostwick, A.C. (2-6 6-4 6-2)
Holmes, Artimus d. Routledge, H.B. (6-0 6-1 6-0).

Does anyone else than Idzznew confirm these results which contradict Ayres' assertion ?
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