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Originally Posted by tbln View Post
heycal, I'm having some trouble imagining the location of the two pain areas you're describing. "Upper lumbar/lower thoracic region" seems vaguely in the same area as "middle/upper lumbar area" to me. Is the latter a tad lower than the former? As described in your MRI report in the first page, most clinicians describe back pain at the level of a specific bone ("at the level of the L5/S1 junction"). Referred back pain can and usually does refer downwards but not upwards.
The tender pain that's a few inches to the right of the spine is more in the thoraic area. The soreness/stiffness directly on the spine is lower, perhaps in the upper lumbar area. It's sort of diagonally downward from the the first area.

I'd describe the pain in the right thoraic area as a tender kind, where if you press the right spot too hard I'd jump halfway across the room in pain, but otherwise mostly doesn't hurt too much minute-by-minute.

The spine spain is more dull, sore, stiff, and constant, and could withstand a tough massage.

I guess it's these differences that make me suspect two different problems.
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