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Originally Posted by Art Rust Jr View Post
I know you get to see a lot of Vandy, living near Nashville. If Austin gets back to top form, looks like they may have a chance to be a top 16 type team.
Vandy has looked good so far but they haven't faced the toughest competition. Lipman, Gonzales, and Yee are all very solid - they can play with anyone in the country at their respective spots. Rhys Johnson has gone from playing 3 to dropping out of the lineup all together so that's been a little disappointing. Van der Merwe and Offerdahl have looked good but neither is going to win consistently right now at the 3 spot. Kovrigin hasn't had a chance to finish many matches since he always goes on last playing indoors (only 5 courts) so he isn't exactly battle tested. Vandy is probably one more blue chipper away from really making some noise.

The Texas A&M match on Friday will be a benchmark to see how far they've come.
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