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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
One of the best alleviators of lower back pain is walking. The cadence relaxes the hips and spine area somewhat (assuming you can walk fine).

I've also had many troubles with lower back issues over the years and found doing the yoga child pose very helpful. Tight quads and hamstrings especially are also known to contribute to back issues.

So far as core exercises go - they can help but many people end up worse off because the sort that help your lower back need to be done with ruthless adherence to form otherwise they'll be counter-productive and probably make the pain worse.

One good one is the leg lift - where you lie on your back with your legs straight and lift one/both up and then and then back down to almost touching the floor.... Everyone has seen this exercise but the majority of people with sore back will make it worse doing it. Instead do it one leg at time with the other leg bent at the knee with the foot pressing on the floor near your buttock. You should also do it with the small of your back pressed onto the floor. So, hold you hands palm down with the fingers wedged in under the small of your back instead of having them simply on the floor by your side. You should be able to do the exercise with your hands being pressed down by your back - if not, you're not holding your core straight enough and probably wasting your effort with regards to addressing the back pain.

Don't do: sit-ups, crunches or double leg lifts. No amount of doing these will alleviate lower back pain and will usually make it worse.
I agree with this 100%. I have two dogs I walk every night that I am with them and it isn't raining. We go on average about 45 minutes which is just under three miles. Not only does my back feel better as a result but the walks help keep my weight in check and I think it helps with my endurance somewhat. I know since I started doing this over two years ago I almost never get tired playing singles tennis, even four or five sets in a row.
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