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Originally Posted by Thud and blunder View Post
Why whould Fed et al pay anything? Do they pay Nike to wear their gear? Surely those monogrammed P1 bags are advertising gold dust, and the real money is made from hedge fund hackers?

P1 has a small number of gold clients. They have more silver and bronze clients, who pay for customization but not stringing. Of course there are non-pro clients for their bronze and silver services, but I don't think that P1 are looking for much retail/non-pro work. I can't and don't want to speak for them, but I don't think that hedge-fund hackers are their potentially largest, or target client base.

RPNY has fewer clients they travel to string for, but also quite a few customization-only pro clients. RPNY does look more for non-pro work since they have a retail location to maintain in midtown Manhattan.
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