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Originally Posted by World Beater View Post
sampras - agassi was a lot like federer-nadal in terms of excitement.

But federer-nadal takes it up one more level on pete-andre in terms of drama and history.

Djokovic - nadal is an awesome rivalry purely because both guys can take matches from each other on all the surfaces.

It is a very even rivalry. I think djokovic - nadal can be even greater than agassi-sampras historically provided nadal can get back to the top.
Yes, with Djokovic and Nadal you don't have the same awesome story

The rivalry between Fed and Nadal was not only about great match of two opposite characters and styles. It was also about the undisputed number one falling everywhere to the undisputed number two surface after surface, on a a four-year span, with several battles, until the final defeat in 2010.

Between Nole and Rafa it was for the most part the "would be pleased to be number two" against the "no it's me who shall be master instead of the master". Nole was nowhere to be seen when Nadal made his definitive coup against Fed in 2010, but he replaced him the next year. Nadal didn't had the time to establish himself like Fed did. And now that Nadal has so many physical trouble, the rivalry his limited to: "when will Novak will win the french?"
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