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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
I didn't mean before the match started. I meant when you watched the match, you understood Sampras would win from almost the get-go. His serve is vastly superior to Agassi's and that's crucial on fast surfaces.
didn't seem to be a problem at the USO for edberg in 92 or korda in 97 or rafter in 98 or hewitt in 2001 ...

90 - very poor perf from agassi

95 - agassi was actually playing slightly better in the first set, till pete broke him to take the set

2001 - agassi won the first set in a breaker

2002 - agassi was tired from the hewitt SF, so understandably started out flat ....

so, no, don't agree that in all the matches, that it looked like sampras would win from the get go .. especially not 1995, 2001
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