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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
It's perhaps ironic that 5555 brought up a logical fallacy that regards the opinions of many as not necessarily being direct evidence of a claim...

But his whole premise for this thread is based on the opinions of many people. So he's been committing fallacy after fallacy this whole time.

And his argument is both illogical and also holds no more ground than anyone else's.
I think what 5555 meant is that people's opinions are swayed away from that of the independent mind by virtue of the opinion of the masses.
He would be referring not to intellectual, free thinking opinion but the opinion of, for example, the sheep minded football crowd.
Eg to the shame of my own football club, Dundee FC, certain elements of the Derry stand at Dens Park sang a song of jubilation at the death of ex Dundee United owner Eddie Thomson at Sunday's Scottish Cup tie.
Some of my Dundee United, otherwise known as dirty arab, friends were appalled at this shocking behaviour and, of course, elements of their fans would never do such a thing ha ha. Of course not.
As if one Dundonian is gentically a different species from the next by token of which team they support - the dark blue or the orange.
Argumentum ad populum is a very conducive medium for the transmission of hypocisy, ignorance, hate, bigotry and any other vile human sentiment.
I'm feeling lazy now and I need to watch Man U vs Real and I don't know where I'm going with this but it's interesting so please continue on...
I love John Isner
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