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Default Mental Trick To Cure Floppy Forehand?

on my best day i have a passable topspin forehand. fairly good spin and pace. using eastern forehand grip that i sometimes slide over a bit to strong eastern.

on my worst days, i have a wristy, slap happy, floppy forehand. i know what the issue is but i am having problems mentally correcting it. at contact on my forehand, my wrist kinda snaps forward. this screws up any firm contact with the ball and the racquet and the shot goes all over the place with no directional control or power.

to compensate on my worst days, i will often slice forehands. yeah it's ugly. i am currently playing with a slightly larger than my normal grip size (closer to 4 1/2 than my usual 4 3/ and that helps a bit. i'm also playing with a wrist brace all the time. and that also helps a bit.

so the question is this: what is the easiest way to train myself to maintain this firm wrist on contact? is there a mental trick or phrase? should i buy a wrist assist or racket bracket? only hit slice forehands for the rest of my life?
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