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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
So, it more effective than a directive approach?!?!

No...yes, I mean no, errr yes.

I'm still a believer in learning to use as many methods as possible and finding out which methods work best with each of your players. Some require tough love and some loud yelling to get motivated and thrive in that environment. Others need a more softer approach.

However, I'm also big on letting the player feel what I'm talking about. I try to lock onto the shots they hit well in a particular drill (and bad ones too when needed), and discuss those. What they felt, how they moved to the ball, the feeling they had deep inside and in their legs and arms during the stroke. Sometimes have them describe the shot(s) they hit, other times its simpler and then repeat and repeat that feeling. Once they feel what I'm trying to teach them, which comes quick once they feel it a few times I believe the player finally understands and gets it whats being taught to them.

With enough repetition it becomes second nature of course but as a coach if you lock onto that feeling the player can then go out and practice that stroke on their own with more ease and better understanding and more importantly self correct mistake, without me having to stand there all the time telling them what to do because they have a reference point, a place they know they should be (the feel) and with time get their easier and easier and if the wheels come off get back quicker as well. Thats the big goal for me.

Talking about it is ok. Showing it is better but making the player feel what you're teaching works best.
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