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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
No starting clamp just yet, I haven't strung any racquets yet either bc I want to make sure I get this machine good to go as best as possible before I start. I would use Yulitle's method for mains, pulling both ends of the string, clamping one, and re-pulling the other, so a starting clamp is not required. Like I've said, it's only an issue when two strings are in there (as you could see the other string didn't move at all). There's just not as much pressure on the top string as the bottom one. When you say I can clamp the outside, you mean on the short side (the grippers are a rectangle, so the short side to the right), correct? And still clamp the string (in the same fashion as if you were clamping it on the outside of the frame), never the linear grippers, right?
If all you're trying to achieve is tension before clamping (since you re-pull the other side anyways), you can use a starting clamp on the outside of the frame instead of tensioning two at once. If you had a standard 16x19 with the starting loop in the throat, the starting clamp would go at the head on any side. Tension the other side, and clamp. Move a string or two ahead on this side. Re-pull the side with the starting clamp, and clamp. Continue as normal.

Obviously, this doesn't make sense if you have no starting clamp . Linear grippers aren't designed to nab two strings at once (really, no tensioner is really designed for this in mind), so you're up a creek more or less

To clarify my statement, you'd use a starting clamp on both strings, on the outside of the tensioner (far side from the racquet) to hold the strings from slipping. You'd actually half-bypass the gripper jaws doing this. The purpose of the gripper is to hold the string so tension can be applied, you'd be using a starting clamp to hold the string against the gripper, both as a "backup" to the gripper, and also eliminating the need for the gripper. It's a happy medium, but you can't do that without a starting clamp. You might be able to remove the clamp head from one of your clamps (or use a floater) for the same purpose, but none of these solutions are really ideal.

Final suggestion would be to try a folded up business card inside your gripper, but it doesn't resolve the uneven gripping on both strings. If you fold the "V" downwards into the gripper, you may even exaggerate it... Just throwing some ideas out there.
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