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Originally Posted by dpick View Post
Hey Guys,

Lately I have been having a lot of trouble with my toss. It kinda shoots back behind me a bit, which works out really well for my kicker but kinda sucks for my slice. The slice ends up kicking up a bit but not enough to give people trouble and they tee off on it.

Anyone have some good tips for ways to make it more consistent between different types of serves? I've watched a few videos like this one fastest way to fix tennis serve toss but they haven't really helped much.
If the ball is ending up too far behind you then that could mean you're releasing it too late. Its difficult to know without a video. You could also be flicking your wrist a bit without even knowing it.

However try this, next time you work on your serve hold the ball in your finger tips, including thumb, only with your digits spread evenly around the ball and hold it as lightly as you can. To release the ball open up your palm. See what happens when you do that.
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