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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
NaturallyFederer, I DON'T have an anti-Federer agenda, but you and your Fed colleagues have an agenda against me...

It's my right to put Federer (and the former GOAT, Sampras) in the correct perspective, at least according to my opinion. That's all I try to do. It could be at the most that I'm wrong with my Federer consideration but that's NOT identic with an "agenda" which needs an intention. Hope I was able to explain it...

You are right: I'm a rather poor man: got not too many "Euros".
You have every right to denigrate federer's competition, and place him in the "correct persepctive" , as you say...

But you need to understand that is not a popular opinion and you will be chastised for it. So do not be surprised if your opinions are criticized and even ridiculed. Don't act like the victim when you are the one who provokes by denigrating great players.

as you have done in this thread

Also, what some may think as a correct perspective may be characterized by you as federer worshipping. But once again more often than not that is not a popular opinion.

The majority can be wrong, but often they are right most of the times.

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